Community Projects

Community Projects


Vinings Run is attempting to go "Green"!  As a community we would like to be more effective in helping the environment in which we live so we are recycling (   Any questions, please contact us through this website at 'questions & comments". The appropriate bins are located next to the trash compactor.  Visit the Conex website link for further info:    NO GLASS ACCEPTED - Must go in Compactor

Compactor to be under re-design in late November or early December 2021
Cardboard Recycling Box to be Built with a slot for all the Home Delivery Boxes  to be recycled.    Keep Breaking Down Your Boxes ! 

Door & Deck Lighting

We continue to replace outside light bulbs with LED bulbs to save energy.  If you're door fixture goes out, please put in a maintenance request.  We change the door lights and deck lights, if we can access them.  For those owners whose deck is not accessible from the ground you replace your light bulb with an EcoSmart 60W "Bright White" LED Bulb 4 Pack found at the Home Depot Store.     DO NOT CHANGE THE BULBS WITH INTERIOR LIGHT BULBS.

Parking Area Lights

Those Light Poles with a Cedar Pole & Black Fixture at the top have a number on the pole and are maintained by Georgia Power.  Should one of those be out Georgia Power requests an owner phone them for repair and follow-up feedback.    Call 

2.  Silver Pole Lights are Operated by the Association :  Send Maintenance Request 


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