Ongoing Maintenance Within the Community -
Please continue to send your requests via the Maintenance requests sections of the   If you have email access which all but roughly 35 people in the community have we would appreciate that you use the maintenance area for non emergency items.  This allows the building maintenance committee to also follow-up on your request in a proper manner and track our repairs.  If you are funneling the information via the website this helps the board with balancing the budget on the short term & long term projects.    Understandably some of you will not be happy with the short term fixes that will be completed on occasion until a larger project on your building will begin at a future date.   Throughout the next three years we need to make progress on the Roofing & Painting of the buildings to keep ahead of the old age process.  It is quite possible based on the needs of the community either your Monthly Assessment will increase in 2014 or a Special Assessment will be a part of the picture to meet the goals articulated by many in the community.   More information to follow leading up to the next annual meeting.    

Annual Meeting typically occurs the First or Second Tuesday of February  -- 6:30 sign in, meeting starts 7 p.m.
Annual Budget mailed at the end of November or early December. 
Meeting Location : 
 City of Smyrna Community Center
   For some in the community the board wonders if you even know this takes place based on the attendance.   One's home is often their largest investment.  The annual meeting is your opportunity to provide additional feedback to the board on larger improvements you would like to see.  The board can provide updates on issues from the past year and the steps taken to solve those problems.   More importantly though your participation whether in person or by your proxy allows the business of the association to move forward.    The board of directors appreciates your input and although we might not all agree on a particular direction taken by the board.  The by-laws followed by the board instruct it's participants to complete actions which are viewed as in the best long term interests of the association.    

5.  Committee Volunteers 
Leading up to the annual meeting the board would also like to explore creating various owner led committees to continue the feedback loop created by the recent annual surveys completed by many owners.  You can respond via the comments section if you would like to be a part of the process.  Not much time will be involved for everyone who decides to participate but for the long term health of the community we believe we need to increase the participation level among the owners.   In your email noting interest please note which Feedback Committee you would like to be a part of.
1. Community Safety & Security 
2. Lighting Committee 
3. Landscaping Committee
4. Pets Committee 
5. Building Maintenance 

Vinings Run Board of Directors 


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